Vancouver LS Custom Glass

Project Objectives

Design and develop a website that appeals to the LS Custom Glass target clientele
Integrate the latest SEO techniques to ensure visibility in search results

Web Design & Development

Our goal with designing the website was to come up with a final product that appealed to the target clientele. In this case, this was contractors and interior designers – these are professions that are very visual. What this meant in terms of our design plan, was making a website with maximum visuals and minimum text. We wanted to grab the potential client’s attention with high quality photos on the homepage showing the work the company has done as the first thing you see. As you scrolled down, the next phase showed the services offered, again, with high quality images to grab the viewer’s attention with clear examples. At the bottom of the page is a short description talking about Vancouver Custom Glass and their philosophy.
The most important step in terms of development was making sure the website was quick, responsive and optimized for mobile.

Search Engine Optimization

By integrating the most successful search engine optimization techniques, we were able to get Vancouver Custom Glass to the top of the Google organic search results. With the search of “glass backsplash Vancouver,” VCG is first in the results.

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